Finding High-Tech Companies to Work for

These days, employment can be tough to come by indeed - and that includes jobs with high tech companies. Nonetheless, they are available, and it's easier than ever to find them. In fact, one of the best ways to find high-tech employers if you're looking for a job is to look online.

High-tech companies and high-tech employers have gone... well, high-tech

Although you can also find high-tech employers through conventional methods, such as through your career-counseling center (if recently graduated or about to graduate from college) or through employment agencies, one of the best places to look for high-tech employers to work for is online. That's because jobs abound for qualified individuals there. Although it can be tough to find them, you just have to know where to look.

Freelance, or full-time?

If you are looking to get into your own business, in fact, freelancing can be one of the best ways to pursue a high-tech career. High-tech companies often look to using freelancers as a means to save money versus hiring full-time employees, where benefits and other expenses may come in to play. Therefore, whether you're looking for high-tech companies who want to hire full-time employees, or high-tech employers who want to hire a contractor freelance workers, you're in luck either way.

How do you look for high-tech companies to work for?

If you're looking for a full-time high-tech job, one of the best ways to find employment is by using a recruiter. High-tech companies often use recruiters to fill their positions, and that gives you a leg up as a prospective candidate. That's because recruiters work for the company or client and therefore are paid by them; and that means recruiters' services are "free" to you, the prospective candidate. Again, one of the best places to look for recruiters with your particular high-tech niche is to go online and look for recruiters' postings.

Social networking sites

Social networking and social bookmarking sites are also great places to find jobs from high-tech employers; professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn provide valuable networking abilities (and is free to join for its most basic membership), but other social networking and social bookmarking sites like Facebook can provide similar opportunities as well.

High-tech job boards

High-tech job boards are also a great way to find high-tech companies looking for prospective candidates -- but again, you have to be careful. That's because a lot of these so-called "job boards" are in fact nothing more than a lot of useless and sometimes downright illegal "listings" of fly-by-night schemes, get rich quick schemes, and schemes that want to take your money, but are actually going to find you work. Even if you do find the occasional legitimate high-tech employers among the riffraff, it's a lot of work for you to wade through all of that junk just to find an occasional legitimate job listing from high-tech companies.

However, there is one way you can find legitimate high-tech employers as a prospective candidate; these employers are legitimate employers who are really looking for qualified candidates to fill the positions.

You can go to one particular jobsite,, and find just these types of truly legitimate listings. There is one limitation to them, which is you, the prospective candidate, will pay a small fee to view these listings, while high-tech employers there will get to post their listings free of charge.

Before you think that this may be unfair, though, think again. Because you are paying a small fee to view the listings, as a jobsite is not looking to make its revenues from its employers. And that means they are going to be a lot more discerning about who gets to list job openings there. That's in contrast to the regular, everyday job sites, where anybody and everybody can post so-called "jobs," both real and fake, as long as they pay the site's listing fees. Which would you rather have? The ability to find jobs from real high-tech companies, or the necessity to wade through a lot of junk to find an occasional legitimate listing here and there? The choice is yours.
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