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Andrew Zak, Software Engineer with USI

Founded in 1985 by President Dieter Ungerboeck, Ungerboeck Software International (USI) is the global market leader in event management software. Its globally acclaimed Event Business Management System (EBMS) is utilized by all sectors of the events industry, including event organizers, venues, contractors and convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs), and it enables electronic data interchange among them.

USI is committed to protecting and enhancing the investment its customers make in USI systems. By working with the top talent in the industry, USI strives to continuously improve the versatility, usability and functionality of its software. USI is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Visit for more information about USI.

In a recent interview with Andrew Zak, a software engineer with USI who's worked at the company for the last four years, Zak spoke about his experience.

''Basically, [as a software engineer] I fix problems found in the software and add new enhancements based upon customer needs.''

Zak explained what he likes the most about being a software engineer. ''Software engineers get to work individually but also with a team. So, it gives you the freedom to make your own decisions on your own tasks, but you also work with a team to help develop the overall structure and picture of the software. It requires a lot of critical thinking and what I like to call puzzle solving. Every day is a challenge. You are always engaged in what you're doing. Every day is different and there's a new puzzle to solve or a new thing to plan out and implement. Along with that, with the changes in technology, you're always having to learn something new and how to implement that.''

He went on to explain what he sees as the greatest challenges facing software engineers, as well as how he sees the field evolving in the future. ''Probably the most challenging part is just the wealth of different practical things that you have to know. There's a lot of on the job learning and training. You have to rely on your co-workers and teammates to fill in the gaps of your knowledge and help you learn and grow. There's just too much for one person to know on his own. So, you have to really rely on others to get the total package done.''

''As the Internet starts to evolve and grow and all these new technologies come out, you're going to have to try to stay on top of things, at least a few of them. You can't stay on top of everything, but you just have to try to keep up with the evolving nature of software development because it's just going to get more and more complex as business needs and consumer needs keep growing and changing. Even since I started here, we've changed to a different software platform that didn't even exist when I started working here. In that same vein, you have to always be open-minded and adaptable.''

Ungerboeck Software International is currently hiring for positions in St. Louis. If you are interested in working with a leading end-to-end event management system and room booking software for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and associations, visit for more information.
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