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Plan for Success-Not Failure
Plan to be happy rather than sad, and plan for greatness rather than simply atte...
Strategy, Symbolism, and Your Career
For several decades, Kaiser Permanente, a large HMO based in Oakland, California...
Your Success is a Product of the Procedures You Follow
In this article, Harrison explains the importance of following the correct proce...
Working on Sundays and Concentrating on Your Work
In this article Harrison discusses the importance of concentrating on your work ...
The Most Valuable Work Is Work That Repeats Itself
Repeat work is always more valuable to you than one-offs, however well-paid they...
Take Small Actions and Meet Others
Your greatest successes will come from some of the smallest actions in terms of ...
How to Choose Recruiters, Executive Search, and Recruitment Agencies (and How They Work)
Working with a recruiter can open more doors, and help you can jobs more effecti...
Your Job Search and Future Prospects Will Be Determined by the Company You Keep
In this article, Harrison explains how the company you keep will inevitably be a...
Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Suffering and Your Career
There are many different types of suffering that it is important to balance in y...
As a Man Thinketh
Of the nineteen books James Allen wrote, As a Man Thinketh is considered his mos...
You Need to Delay Gratification
In this article Harrison explains how long-term enjoyment of life requires that ...
Do Not Be Influenced by Others’ Negative Opinions of You
Your skills and abilities merit profound appreciation; you must therefore place ...
Upgrade Your Career and Life by Finding Work to Be Done
If you can learn how to create work for yourself, you will never be unemployed o...
How to Explain ”Job Hopping”
There is nothing wrong with changing jobs to pursue opportunities, however too m...
Practice Makes Perfect
Rather than committing to a career, many people switch jobs and take positions t...
625 posted blogs

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I was facing the seven-year itch at my previous workplace. Thanks to EmploymentCrossing, I'm committed to a fantastic sales job in downtown Manhattan.
  • Joseph L New York, NY
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